Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to cheers and the champions for several who posted.

Best Picture, 1st Spot – “Keeping ” Jay Akins, it ‘Simple’ Cruising the Greek Islands, impressed off our leather together with his Easy Backpack that was stunning. Never have we observed Saddleback therefore maritime! Our great award $500 Gift Certificate is won by Jay.

Best Picture, 2nd Location – Randy Mankins captured this epic, hill-large chance of herself and his Journey Case -61 Firefighting Helicopter over California. *No bat-converts were created obtaining this picture! A $100 Gift Certificate is won by Randy.

Best Picture, cross country together with his household was touring when this photo of his big Satchel clicked . Where it goes! And champion of a Gift Certificate.

Best Picture with-Child – Curt Wolfe treasures his son and this storage of him. We all know precisely what this really is carrying children like and leather around. It doesn’t get than that. A $100 Saddleback Gift Certificate is won by Curt.

December 2016 Photo Contest – Best Picture With Dog – Nick Anderson

Best Picture with Dog – Nick Anderson had his Top Pocket Briefcase for only 5 times, and he had been experience connected. Their puppy that is delighted allows US to understand who comes though! Champion of the Gift Certificate that is $100.

Congratulations again! Follow the hyperlink below to enter and for more information about our Photo Competition.